2012. július 9.

Book review: Business Model Generation

Having finished the BMGEN book I have mixed feelings. I am sure I can use the methods described in the book in real life. Although I loved its format and design, its content is like a draft or lecture notes that limits the whole book. Even I don't know if it is a "real book"... It has got sections and chapters, I do love its figures, but it is lacking explanations, and the content is very fragmented into short messages.

I think I have to get used to this style and focus on the core content. The best part of the book is the first chapter on "Canvas" which is a tool to describe your business in a clear way. At first, it looks like a simple visual tool to collect your ideas about various aspects of your business, but the authors give advices and examples about how you should go through the process.

The next two chapters (Patterns and Design) are dealing with very interesting topics, but they don't go into the deep details as the first one does. The fourth chapter (Strategy) is a bit better, but don't expect too much.

The chapter on Process is where the authors shine. While the draft/note-like style of the book limits the previous chapter, this format works pretty well here. It shows how to put together the pieces through the iterative process of building your business model.

The last chapter (Outlook) gets more traditional and describes how non-profit organizations benefit from building a business model, how to align IT with the business, and gives you hints on translating the business model into a business plan.

Although I'm not fully satisfied with the book, I'd recommend it because it is very readable and practical.

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