2011. március 9.

ESSLLI 2011: Why you should go to Ljubljana this year

Dan Lassiter, the chair of the 2011 ESSLLI Student Session, invites you to attend the 23rd European Summer School in Logic Language and Information
ESSLLI is a two-week summer school in logic, language, and computation held every year in a different location in Europe. This summer it's in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia. This will be my third ESSLLI in three years, and every year has been great, both educational and a lot of fun. You choose from a wide variety of courses in these areas: five per day, 1 and a half hours each, for one week, and then a new set of courses the second week. You're also allowed to move between courses if you like, so you aren't tied into any particular course when you register. You can find more info about ESSLLI and registration information here: http://esslli2011.ijs.si/.

One of the best things about ESSLLI for me has been meeting people who are both fun to hang out with and useful to know for my career development. I've met a lot of linguists and logicians, but maybe even more importantly, made friends with many fellow students who will be my colleagues in the future. As an optional extra, there's a good bit of partying to be done in addition to the official ESSLLI party. (I've swapped drinking games with people from an unreasonable number of places at the last two ESSLLIs, trying not to miss any classes as a result, of course! One tip: beer pong with Bordeaux wine = not good.)
I've also presented at the last two Student Sessions. The first time was one of my first public presentations, and I found it to be really useful, both in feedback from reviewers and in having a friendly audience to present to who asked interesting questions nonetheless.
Everyone who does not yet have a Ph.D. is encouraged to submit a paper for the Student Session. They're due March 25, and every submission will be reviewed by at least two experts in that area, no matter what. Poster submissions should be at most 4 pp., and submissions for oral presentations should be at most 8pp., with references. If you want to submit a paper, you can find more information on the Student Session page at http://homepages.nyu.edu/~dhl271/esslli2011stus/.

Hope to see you in Ljubljana, and at the Student Session!
Dan Lassiter

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